Monday, 20 June 2011

The Unsung Heroes of Formula One

Been a while since I posted last, sorry about that! Anyway, I wanted to post a quick one about the unsung heroes of F1, the people who we see but don't ever hear about. I'm not talking about the marshals and officials, not because they don't deserve a mention but because we know that without them events wouldn't run. I'm talking about the people who do the strange jobs which put the finishing touches to a race meeting.

Firstly, there is the man who announces the winners of the grand prix (my personal favourite). This guy apparently loves his job, although of late it seems that the only name he really has to announce is Sebastian Vettel. He is a hero of F1 for doing this job and for making a fine effort in announcing "THE CHAMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGNE!!!". Seriously, when he shouts that it goes on forever! I take my hat off to him.

Speaking of hats, my second unsung hero of F1 is a man who I term 'Sinister Hat Man'. After every race it's this guy's job to hand out the hats, watches, water and towels to the top three finishers. He seems like a lovely man, however he looks incredibly sinister and seems to stand in total silence. Whenever a race winner takes his time on putting on his hat, you can rely on Sinister Hat Man to be waiting patiently until the reluctant driver gives in and places the hat on his head. Bravo!

Third and finally, there is the Parc Ferme Man. This man directs the cars to Parc Ferme after a race, however I'm not sure whether he actually does anything else. He can be relied upon for standing in the road, blocking all other paths which would lead away from Parc Ferme. Without him, the cars would possibly get lost - just look at what happened to Jenson Button in Monaco a few years ago! Truly, Parc Ferme Man is an unsung hero of F1.

So, three of my unsung heroes of F1. You might not agree with my choices, you might not agree that I haven't bothered to find the real names of these heroes, but you have to say that there are far more people in F1 than just the 24 we see each weekend and among these unseen and unsung people there are true heroes. Bring on Valencia