Friday, 2 September 2011

A Weekend Of Motorsport - Even Without F1!

I've been very excited over the past few days, as this Sunday I'm off to my spiritual motorsport home of Brands Hatch to watch the DTM! I've been going to Brands every couple of months since the age of 5, and it's one of the main reasons why I'm such a petrol head. I last saw the DTM in 2009, and it certainly was an exciting event! The sound of a car is the best thing about it I think, and these cars are certainly no exception and it's something I am definitely looking forward to!

So, today I was getting ready for the weekend's entertainment when an email comes through. It's from Ticketmaster. Thinking that it was some promotional thing, I opened it up without really expecting anything much. Oh how wrong I was. As I was reading, I noticed the subject said 'Your Red Bull Speed Jam Application 2011'. The next thing I read was the words 'We are pleased to inform you that you have been successful in applying for tickets for this event'! How surprised was I?! I re-read the email a few times, pinched myself to make sure I was dreaming then I was certain I'd managed to win tickets.

Once this had sunk in and I stopped jumping up and down and giggling like a lunatic, I read the time and location for the event: 2:45 on the 3rd of September in Cardiff Bay. Could be an issue I thought, as I live in Kent. I phoned my Dad, managed to garble that I won tickets and informed him of the location for the event... Luckily, my Dad's a petrol head too and so tomorrow I go to Wales to watch a celebration of motorsport in the streets! Woohoo!

See, my nerdiness does pay off - all I had to do to get the tickets was answer the question of 'Who got pole position for the 1975 British Grand Prix?' - Tom Pryce. Thanks Red Bull, I'll be seeing you tomorrow!!