Monday, 30 April 2012

Goodbye Teens, Hello F1 Car!

At the moment I'm on a lull in my revision just to get my head back together and relax for a while. In a week's time, my exams will start. I will also turn 20 years old and officially leave my teenage years behind me. During the course of my break today, I decided to look on the F1 website to catch up on news before the Mugello test (the first in season test since 2008 would you believe). While looking at the website, one particular article took my eye; Red Bull Racing (my beloved team) are raising money for Wings For Life (a Spinal Cord injury charity) by asking fans to donate 15 euros. When giving your donation, you are asked to upload a photograph of yourself. Why on earth do you need to do that? Well, every photo is going to form part of the RB8's livery for the 2012 British Grand Prix!

Of course, with me being somewhat obsessed with F1 and a massive fan of Red Bull, I couldn't refuse this. So, I duely uploaded my photograph and donated to Wings For Life as an early birthday present to myself. Once the team have received your photograph it goes into the montage, where you will be able to see it and will receive a certificate. Happy birthday to me!

I admire teams which do things like this for charities. Red Bull have also promised to match the amount of money raised themselves, so if everyone donates then Wings For Life will be guaranteed to have quite a donation heading their way! Honestly, I can see no down side to this scheme, and I think more of the teams should get involved with things like this. At what other time will a fan such as myself be able to say 'I was on an F1 car' without forking out hundreds of pounds? So, on donating you get to be part of Red Bull's history and the money you spend goes to a brilliant cause - I suggest you all participate!