Sunday, 27 October 2013

Quadruple World Champion

I couldn't really miss the opportunity to announce that Sebastian Vettel is now a quadruple world champion! He's joined the likes of Prost, Fangio and Schumacher, and should now hopefully be considered one of the greats (as if he wasn't after championship number three last year). The championship itself is rightly deserved - as is the fourth constructor's title for his Red Bull team.

Naturally, success always brings the naysayers - if people don't object, you're doing it wrong. However, Seb has been in a class of his own, and he should be applauded for all of his achievements. Sure, in the second half of the season he's been completely dominant, but this isn't all down to the car. You don't win four world championships with a car alone, you need huge talent and control. A combination of the best driver with the best car and the best team behind it all is what's caused these victories.

Of course, I am completely biased towards Sebastian. He is a thoroughly nice man - staying behind to have his picture taken with me at Goodwood, despite being urged away by officials. While we don't always see this on the track (the Multi 21 scenario etched into the memories of many), this is because he's a racing driver. Away from the circuit, Vettel is reluctant to show too much of his private life - and rightly so - thus leading to further criticism. However, today in the post-race celebrations we saw the real Seb. He was overcome with emotion and completely humbled by his achievements. Far from the arrogant picture painted by many.

With the regulation changes next year, there's no knowing where Seb will end up. The field could be much closer and the championship may go to the wire (as in 2012, when my adrenaline level was through the roof while watching the last race in Brazil). It could be that Red Bull's brilliance disappears, and other teams become the front runners. Maybe reliability will hamper everyone. It's impossible to tell. So, Red Bull and Sebastian should enjoy this victory. I'm sure that nobody within the F1 world takes anything like this for granted. The final few races of the season will be a chance to enjoy the racing without the pressure, and I'm sure it will still be a joy to watch.

So, congratulations once again, Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel! Quadruple world champions - the stuff of legend.