Thursday, 23 April 2015

Brands Hatch

Exciting news!

So, since I was a very small kid I've been going to Brands Hatch with my Dad. We've seen pretty much everything there - trucks, touring cars, DTM, historic F1... You name it! I have great memories of wandering round in the pouring rain, being somewhat deafened. Now I'm older, not much has changed. I'm a bit taller, and I can cover my own ears to stop being deafened, but we still go pretty often. We've even been in one of the fancy boxes courtesy of a friend of my Dad's! I do love Brands Hatch, and I'll always have a soft spot for the place.

Well, today Lotus F1 team announced that they are heading down to Brands for a filming day! I'm ridiculously excited, and I've already booked the day off to go and see them. Although I've seen historic F1 there, I've not had the chance to see an F1 car from my era charge around there, as Brands hasn't hosted a grand prix since 1986 - I was born 6 years too late!

Lotus are also hosting a competition to get a tour around the garage - which would be amazing! Although they've asked for tweets to enter the competition, I don't think 140 characters are enough to express why they should pick me, hence the blog! So, Lotus, if you lovely people are reading this, here are the reasons why I should be one of the lucky, lucky people who win:

  • I'm a car nerd! 
  • We follow each other on Twitter
  • My Dad (who will be coming with me!) has a Lotus F1 Team cup which I force him to drink out of every F1 weekend
  • I will be giddy with excitement, and thus possibly quite entertaining
  • I will write a blog about the day afterwards (whether I meet you or not!)
  • I bake EXCELLENT cakes
  • It's my birthday on the 8th of May, so I guess this will be a pre-birthday thing?
 I hope you've enjoyed this blog post! I look forward to Monday!