Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Birthday and Sebastian Vettel


As you may be able to tell from the little 'about me' box, my name is Maria and I am an epic F1 fan! Today is my 19th birthday so I'm officially into my final year as a teenager - scary stuff! Still, I've received lots of birthday messages and my parents have fully equipped me with merchandise to support my favourite F1 driver; Sebastian Vettel. In keeping with this, today's post is about why I support Vettel (and why I should be the obvious choice of partner for him ;-P).

I first noticed Vettel when he was racing for Toro Rosso and scored the team's first ever win (and only win to date). He was an absolutely phenomenal driver back then - and has only got better ever since. I've been an avid Vettel supporter since 2009. Last year he won the driver's championship with Red Bull, much to my absolute delight! Now, we all know that that's pretty damn good, but what astonishes me with Vettel is his skill in qualifying.

This weekend sees the Turkish Grand Prix of 2011. I watch all practice sessions, and so was utterly horrified when this happened in the first practice. Vettel's crash was a somewhat odd mistake, however he was honest enough to admit that the crash was down to driver error, rather than a mechanical failure of some sort. The car had to be completely rebuilt and Seb missed the second practice - sparking fears that his qualifying record would be broken.

However, qualifying happened and this happened. Yep. Seb got a fifth pole position in a row. He managed to go faster by four-tenths - despite not having much running on Friday, losing his updates on the car and only doing one run in qualifying. Phenomenal.

Anyway, here's hoping I add to my Red Bull Birthday by celebrating a win from Sebastian - Good luck to him, it's going to be an awesome race!