Friday, 8 July 2011

Summertime, And The Circuit Is Rainy

From the title's mention of 'rain' you can safely assume that F1 has returned to its roots in Britain. It's now over 50 years since the F1 World Championship was formed, and in the UK we're still enthusiastic about our motorsport, even if it does rain all the time.

The two practice sessions today were very wet, with limited running in FP2 due to the weather. Formula 1 is no stranger to wet weather though, and eventually we did see some running. We saw numerous spins, with Kobayashi's off being the worst. Luckily, Kobayashi managed to avoid turning the car over by the skin of his teeth and walked away from the incident.

The British summertime weather is notorious for being hard to predict, although I believe that there have been mentions of showers for tomorrow. Whether this will affect qualifying remains to be seen. Sadly, I won't be watching the qualifying or FP3 due to actual paid work, however my success in repairing the Sky Plus box means that I will avoid all news outlets, Twitter and other fans so I will be able to pretend my recording is live. Believe me, I'd much rather be watching a qualifying session than spending eight hours working on a Saturday, but my finances need boosting up for my forthcoming trip to the Nurburgring.

Since my last post I've been getting incredibly overexcited about my first Grand Prix meeting. It's now less that two weeks before I leave for Germany and as of today everything is in place for the event. In order to give me more of an idea of what to do once I arrive (aside from watching beautiful cars zoom round my favourite circuit), I've sent out messages to teams, drivers and F1 media people asking what I absolutely must see and do. As of yet, only Red Bull have responded:

Go to the driving signing sessions, take an umbrella, taste the local beer/barbecue. TAKE EAR DEFENDERS. 
Perhaps the best advice I will receive! While I'm still waiting on replies from other teams, one team who responded to an earlier message was Virgin Racing. This weekend, Virgin have been sponsored by the film 'Cars 2', due for release when I am at the Nurburgring. The film's logo has been placed on the car, however I suggested that the team should draw a face on their cars in order to be more in keeping with the film. Virgin Racing responded with:

@MooEvilBoffin we do have the little marussia mouth!

I know the teams are always busy, and for them to respond to my messages is always a pleasing moment, so I dedicated my 'Follow Friday' to @RedBullF1Spy and @MarussiaVirgin.

One last Twitter user who received special mention from me was @SaveTheRing. This user is dedicated to a campaign to save the Nurburgring from a somewhat worrying state that it's found itself in. I can't begin to go into the details of the campaign here as I wouldn't be able to explain it in enough depth. However, you can read about the campaign here. Once you've read the article, you can sign the petition. I also suggest you follow SaveTheRing from the link posted earlier. I adore watching races at the Nurburgring, and this race will be my first ever grand prix meeting in person. It would be a dreadful shame if people like me couldn't go to the circuit, so I fully support this campaign.

So, hopefully Red Bull will continue their charge on qualifying tomorrow. Until I get back home, please don't give away the result! No doubt I'll give you an update after the race; it's good to have F1 back home!