Tuesday, 8 May 2012

One Year

Well, today is my 20th birthday. I feel like this birthday has been hanging around for some time, and it's kind of odd that it's actually arrived at last. My 20th birthday is kind of a landmark, as it is in this decade that I (hopefully) get my PhD and become a Doctor of Neuroscience. Scary and exciting stuff!

This birthday is a bit of a far cry from my 18th birthday though. Rather than chucking a Subaru rally car around a gravel stage and doing a handbrake turn at exactly 3:45 in the afternoon (the time I was born), this year I will be sat in an exam room writing about personality psychology. Ah well, some you win, some you lose. Come to think of it, even my 19th birthday had a motorsport theme, as it was the day of the Spanish Grand Prix, and I sat in front of the TV wearing all of my Red Bull Racing apparel enjoying the race. Still, this weekend I'll get to watch the race and make up for lost time a little.

Anyway, this is only a quick post as today also marks another special day - it's exactly one year to the day since I started this blog. I've had lots of good feedback from many people, including racing drivers, journalists and my friends and family alike. So, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me to write over the last year! Rest assured that this blog will keep going, so hopefully next year we'll have another milestone post. Thanks everyone!